2 Handy hints to help win a Rummy game

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Be ready for a Middle drop anytime:
·         There is always a possibility that the game might finish in a few moves against your favour. Quick calculations and a watchful eye can really help in a 13 card Rummy game.
·         After every discard, calculate the total points of your hand. Be prepared for a middle drop, if the total remains more than 40 points after the first 5 moves.
·         If your opponent picks cards from the Discard pile for more than 5 times, he/she may be close to completing, it is better to go for the middle drop.
Always maintain Black and Red equal:
·         Imagine your hand is filled with a single color, say either black or red, your probability of getting the desired cards.
·         Hand filled with a single color can mean that there are only two suits available to form Sets and Sequences.

·         Maintaining a balanced hand of both Black and Red cards is a smart move.