9 Simple strategies to smarten your Rummy skills

By this time you must know that Rummy is a game of skill. Mastering the game is not so difficult task as playing practice games in our website would really enhance your rummy skills.
The rules are straight as an arrow. You will have to arrange the 13 cards dealt to you in sets/sequences. For that, you need to pick up a few strategies which would be of real help. Most of the players would pick up these strategies as they play.
Arranging your cards
The first thing to do after receiving the cards is to arrange them as per suites i.e. spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds so that you could easily differentiate between them. After arranging the cards by suits, another smart trick to follow is to sort the cards by color eg: Red – Black – Red will help differentiate cards easily. You can use the sort option provided to sort your cards
Aim for Pure Sequence
The first and foremost objective that should be running in your mind is to aim for the pure sequence. Because if you have a pure sequence in your hand, it will not get counted as points, if in case your partner declares before you. The moment you sort and arrange your cards, the first thing you should check is that whether you have a pure sequence or not. If not, then your first step should be to meld a pure sequence.
Eg; 3, 4, 5 of spades is a pure sequence.
Discard the high cards
What to discard? Cards like Jack, Queen, King & Ace carry 10 points. If they remain ungrouped when your opponents declare rummy, you might then lose with heavy points. Discard the high-value cards that may not be useful to meld sets and sequences.
Note: Do we need to discard such high-value cards every time? Absolutely not!! There lies the strategy behind Rummy. If you see your opponent picks up any card you discard, then chances are that he is trying to meld a sequence with those. You must hold your higher value cards in such cases to prevent your opponent from melding sets/sequences with them. Eg: For example, if you discard queen of diamonds and your opponent picked it, chances are high that your opponent will also pick jack of diamonds so you should think twice or thrice before discarding jack of diamonds even if you want to reduce your points.
 The idea behind this is to carefully observe cards that the opponent is picking/discarding and make your move accordingly.
Hoodwink your opponents
As mentioned earlier, you must keep track of what cards your opponents are picking/discarding. If you do it, you can have a clear idea of what cards your opponent is holding. You can then sit back and bait your opponents. The first step to confuse your opponents is picking few cards from the open deck and discarding low-value cards initially. Your opponents may think that you would declare the game anytime and discard cards in a hurry, which might help you on occasions. Rummy Experts often employ this strategy to defeat their customers.
Also, try to throw a few cards as bait and see if your opponents are picking it up.
Using your joker card wisely
Joker is an easy way to meld your cards into sets and sequences. It is considered as a jackpot in the game of Rummy. If you have a pure sequence and a joker too, you should try to use that joker to make the second sequence by using that Joker as the idea is to meld all the hand cards into sets/sequence quickly. Also, the trick to using a Joker should also revolve around reducing the points so if you have a King and queen of hearts vs. a two and three of diamonds, you should use the joker with King and queen of hearts so that you would get points only for two and three of diamonds.
Read your opponents cards
This is the most important part of Rummy. You must be aware of what are the cards your opponent is holding.  Keep an eye on the discard pile and keep track of the cards your opponent picks up.
Drop Out
Remember to drop out of the game early in the event you have a very bad hand, so that you will lose only with 20 points. Do not keep playing wildly as you may lose with high points.
Calculate probabilities
This is one of the most important strategies while playing rummy card games. You must keep track of cards that have been dealt and the cards that are in Open Deck. In the event you are dependent on Jokers/wildcards to complete the game, you must calculate how many wild cards would be left in the Closed Deck. In the event getting a joker is unlikely, you must switch strategies and look for other options. You can also calculate the color of the cards red and black and find out how many cards of each color are left in the Closed Deck.  
Limit the waiting period
Do not keep waiting endlessly for the desired cards. In the event you do not get the required card, start looking for alternate options and pick new cards and start building sets.
We are sure some of the tips and strategies offered here would come in handy for the player at times. At the end of the day, the amount a player earns is entirely dependent on the player’s skills.
True to the saying “Practice makes a man perfect”, if you practice the game of rummy using the free 10000 practice chips offered then chances are that you might even develop your strategies on how to win. New visitors can always join us anytime at our website.If you find these tips and strategies for playing rummy online useful, do not forget to share, like in facebook using the facebook button given below. If you have any queries on the game or tournaments, feel free to contact us at support@deccanrummy.com