5 Foolproof formula to win online Rummy games

Position your cards: Sort your cards.
·         Use the sort button, which automatically sorts the cards in order.
·         If some cards are already in the form of a sequence or a set, they should be kept together, so that you don’t discard them by mistake.
·         The totally unmatched cards should be positioned for discarding.

Develop a Strategy: Carefully Draw & Discard.
·         You should be very attentive while drawing and discarding a card.
·         Make sure to discard high-value cards like the King or Queen as they are 10 pointers.
·         Ensure that you make a pure sequence quickly since this is the lifeline of the game. A pure sequence can have 4 cards.

Watch opponent closely: Follow his strategy.
·         Keep a close watch on the cards he discards and picks from the open deck.
·         Once you have knowledge about the type of cards he has, you can discard the cards that won’t be beneficial for him.
·         For example, if the opponent discards a 7 of Hearts you easily discard 6 and 8 of Hearts.

Reduce your points: Pure Sequence matters.
·         If the opponent declares, all the cards that are not in a sequence or set are counted in points.
·         Reduce only the points that will be counted against you in the end.
·         Keep the high pointer cards in a set or sequence if you have any Joker.

Use Joker well: Understand Joker’s importance.
·         The joker changes with every new game and is dependent on the cards being dealt.
·         Avoid using jokers in making a pure sequence since this will decrease its value.

·         Try to make an impure sequence using the joker.